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Hello šŸ‘‹ I'm Rafael, an adaptable software engineer who has been frequently praised as collaborative and persistent by my co-workers and management.

I have extensive experience with the PHP language using it as my main language, developing microservices and complete API that I design either native of with the Laravel Framework. I also have experience with NodeJS with Express as Iā€™m not tied to a development stack. I also design and create the databases my projects use, my first choice is MySQL, but I'm also versed in Oracle and PL/SQL, recently I've started to integrate MongoDB to my projects. I'm not afraid to take on different tasks, like when I develop front-end I use mostly Bootstrap and jQuery, and I'm currently learning React, or whenever our Centos server needs maintenace I'm the go-to guy.

As development team leader at, I introduced agile methodology to my current team, we are now using a kanban-style board and have demonstrated problem solving abilities by managing and providing answers for the rest of my team, communication skills when I talk directly to clients to get requirements.